As a significantly innovative product Emeraude exposes a distributed front-end in order to provide better experience and faster development at the same time. Emeraude Portal is a web client instance that is designed to fit the API specifications of the framework. The target goal of the portal is to provide a separate and independent place for managing data that comes from each application that is designed with Emeraude Framework.

To access Emeraude Portal you have to visit emeraude.io.


Emeraude Portal can be considered as a separated product. It is designed to fit the needs of Emeraude Framework, but at the same time can be used from any other API not related to the current framework. So details about its structure, pros and cons can be found on its website.


  • Visit the portal website (emeraude.io)
  • Go to settings
  • Enter a name for your application, a predefined gateway ID and the active URL where your application is (if your application is in development environment place your IP address or localhost URL)
  • If at the moment of submitting the form your application works and the input is correct - Emeraude Portal will store your application, and you are ready