Administration side of the Emeraude Portal is designed to fit the needs of the application stakeholders by providing functionalities with simple setup. In order to allow access to these functionalities Emeraude is providing a specialized adapter called IAdminMenusBuilder. The implementation of that interface and its proper registration in the options will provide a service adapter (builder) that will return to the portal the structure of the sidebar menus that has to be rendered to the authenticated user.

Implementation of that adapter will require the implementation of asynchronous method called BuildAsync that expects as a result a Task of SidebarSchema. That schema contains two collections - Sections and ShortcutsLinks.

Sections is a collection of SidebarMenuSection that contains definition for each menu section as follows:

  • Title - title of the section
  • Icon - CSS classes that defines the icon that you might place in the sidebar. The default loaded icon package is MaterialDesignIcons.
  • IsDropdown - flag that indicates whether the section has behavior of dropdown or not
  • Children - a collection of SidebarMenuLink where each link has Title and Routes (Collection of strings that represents a routes for the current link. If you want to specify wildcard route - you can use {*} (Example: "/dogs", "/dogs/{*}"))


Consider that the wildcard routes are important for the portal and its pattern recognition for defining the active menu section

ShortcutsLinks is a collection of SidebarShortcutLink that contains definition for help links that can be part of the sidebar.

  • Title - title of the link
  • Route - route of the link

For an example implementation of the admin menu builder you can check the following sample.