# Introduction

Emeraude Client Builder is a scaffold tool integrated into web application (administration part). This feature provides to developers the ability to generate additional repeatable code by using specified by Emeraude or by them pattern.

Client Builder

The main purpose of Client Builder modules is to provide the communication between ASP.NET Core Web API and web/mobile application. In addition to these modules a custom modules can be created which could provide a lot of improvements into the development process.


Emeraude Client Builder is available only for administrators and each of its components (back-end and front-end) will be disabled when the application goes out of development mode.

# Module Definition

Each module is defined by few elements:

  • Name - Name of the module.
  • Locked - Indicates that the module result files are locked for custom manipulation. (Regeneration will override the existing file if module is marked as Locked)
  • Type - The instance type of the module (Undefined/Web/Mobile).

The dark gray button on the right trigger module generation.


By using the predefined modules generation buttons placed above of modules table you will trigger generation for all modules from the specified type.