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Management has a significant role in each software product so its lack could mark the product as incomplete and insufficient from the business point of view. The core purpose of Emeraude is to allow that control of all data that flows through the application. With a simple definition of what you want to manage the framework and its supporting portal will allow you to control everything, you have to.


Almost every developer in their daily work is skipping the repeatable code or automating his/her work by using tools for generation and scaffolding. That has been taken into account during Emeraude development so that's why the framework provides a runtime engine that is using the context of your application in order to generate client-specific code and a command-line interface for backend purposes.


The usage of high-level ASP.NET frameworks could be a tough task, especially for custom solutions and implementations. Your application could be in conflict or highly coupled with the predefined structures and procedures of the framework. Emeraude extrudes your application by exposing features in a different direction than your application so it becomes not functionally dependent on the framework.


or what you get out of the box


The framework that makes your application more manageable with the same ASP.NET development experience.

Clean Architecture

Structure designed to be applied with clean architecture-based applications with no limitations.

Data Management

Configurable and secure data management API for accessing and mutating everything behind the scenes.

Management Portal

External customizable web client for optimal management experience in development and production.

Code Generation

Integrated and customizable runtime code generator engine for boosting the client development process.

Encapsulated Authentication

Built-in standard requests and actions base for implementation of public user authentication.


Integrated localization functionality for providing a multilingual application experience.

Easy Configuration

Single file complete, straightforward, and recognizable web application configuration.

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